Protected: Game Log 11/29/16: Not a good start

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Public Service Announcement

Be a rules guy.
Be a rules guy.

Yes, we can talk about common sense and about game management.  That all matters…absolutely it does.  But when the game is on the line and there’s a rules situation, we have to get it right.  We HAVE to.

I am sick with sympathy for these guys, who must be beside themselves with guilt.

And I thank the judge for not overturning the result. My heart is with the Fenwick HS team, but games should not be decided in courtrooms.  That’s not a slope we need to go down.

Gonna hit that rulebook.  Join me, okay?

Half a season, coming right up…

The leaves have fallen off of the trees, I’m off for a week to dramatically overeat…what does that mean?

Basketball season is upon us!  And it’s time to ref, bay-bee.

This year will be a bit unusual, in that I’m only going to be doing about half a year: my wife will have afternoon and evening commitments for the entire 2017 calendar year, and I will therefore be watching my children instead of reffing other people’s children.  That said, I am remaining active in the association (will go to meetings, will answer the many Rules Guy questions thrown my way, may try to watch a game or two with my kiddoes).  But it’s only half a season.

I will try to maintain my goals of being a good crew chief, not getting beat so often (I flat-out need to run faster all the time), and not calling across the key as lead.  But I will do so for about 12-15 games instead of my usual 40-50.

And you’ll be here for all the action!  (Feel free to fire me off an email at the above address if you want to read the password-protected game logs.)

When Angry Coaches Strip

Um.  This has not yet happened to me in a game.

I have no comment.  Just a link.

What I’d give to be in that locker room…

“If you want to see Paul get riled up,” says my wife, “have him watch a game where the ref blows a big call.”

That’s not exactly true.  An honest miss leads me to feel tons of empathy (there but for the grace of God go any of us).

But the big miss at the end of tonight’s Gonzaga/Syracuse game?

Oh, man.  That was hard to watch.

I shouted at the screen. I could NOT BELIEVE that the C, Doug Sirmons, went in and got a call that there was literally, absolutely no way he could have seen.

As I’m sure he will tell you if he speaks about it (and because Syracuse, blessedly, recovered from the setback and won anyway), he’s sick about it.

So what are my takeaways?

1.  I would bet anything that adrenaline caused Sirmons to blow his whistle.  Big game, big play, a little weird looking?  We get our intensity up.  I need to learn from his mistake and remember: the more intense they get, the calmer I get.

2.  How did Mike Stuart, the Lead official, feel?  He’s the only dude in the gym with a good look at whether Trevor Cooney’s shoe is on or just next to the edge of the end line paint.  We wouldn’t let a second-year official in our association get away with that, but here it is, coming up with one of the top officials in the nation with seconds left in a one-point Sweet 16 game. And that whistle must have shocked him even more than it shocked me to see Sirmons running across my screen to the end line to call a play that wasn’t his.  I might have been tempted to put a cigarette out on him, but this interesting story tells me that all Stuart did was ask if the play was reviewable. (It isn’t.)  In some ways, it may have been harder for him to keep his cool than Sirmons.  But he did.

3.  Finally, what would I do if I were in the locker room for this one?  Sweet 16 game, big moment, and my partner has to face a pretty egregious error?  What if Gonzaga had scored the winning hoop after the miss?  I’d have no choice:  I’d support him.  Because, as I’ve said often here, there but for the grace of God go any of us.

But man oh man, was that ever hard to watch.  I hope Sirmons bounces back quickly and well.  Impressive of him to keep his focus after what must have been a painful replay review. And props to his partners for their professionalism under fire.

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