Rules Clinic

Just took it.  Three new rules for this year.

One says that a team can wear wristbands or headbands of the minor color of the team’s uniform so long as they all match.  OK, whatever.

One clarifies it is a technical foul for a player to leave the court in anger or disgust or as a threat.  Damn right it is.

And the third is the best of all.  Concussions.

It used to be that a player was required to leave the game if he/she was unconscious or apparently unconscious, and could only return if I, the ref, got a note from a medical professional.

Now, a player is required to leave the game if he/she exhibits any signs of a concussion (even if conscious).  That’s a medically sound change.  And I no longer have to ask for a note for the player to come back in.  If the player returns, it is assumed the school has had the kid checked out and that it’s safe for him/her to return.

That’s a fabulous change, as it means the lawsuit won’t be coming my way, and I don’t have to worry about whether a note is legitimate.

I approve of all three rules.  And I should, as I’ve now passed the clinic and am assumed to know them.

Next (probably this weekend):  the rules test.  It now requires a 76% instead of a 70% to pass (no problem…I’m always well above that).  And the test is now 50 questions instead of 100.  Huzzah to that, too.


About Paul Hamann
I am a basketball referee in Washington State, working mostly high school games.

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