This made me happy. Maybe to excess.

At the end of tonight’s ref meeting, I wanted to be sure to head up to my assignor and thank him for believing in me this year with the big girls’ assignments and (more notably) the monster playoff assignments.  I didn’t have to do that, however…he came to me first.

“Mister Hamann!!!”  he said.  “They let you out of Seattle!  They didn’t hold you for ransom after those games?”

Nope.  The games actually went well.

A conversation followed about the teams I reffed and which among them were really good.  And I then got to say what I wanted to say:

Thanks for showing faith in me with those assignments.  I had good games for you.

“No problem!  We’ll see you next year!”

I went to shake his hand.  He grabbed it, but took the other hand into a tap-the-back-with-the-left-hand-while-shaking-the-right man-hug.

A man-hug!  An unsolicited man-hug from the assignor!  I interpret that to mean that he was as happy for my assignments and successes as I was.  And that, my friends, means something.  I don’t do this to please others–not coaches, friends, assignors…it’d simply drive me crazy.  But when I do get an accolade from a guy who’s been watching me for four years–an accolade in the form of a few big regular-season games, surprisingly big playoff games, and even a surprise man-hug–well, that’s a fairly big deal.  I was smiling like a doofus the whole drive home.

About Paul Hamann
I am a basketball referee in Washington State, working mostly high school games.

One Response to This made me happy. Maybe to excess.

  1. MassRef says:

    One more “attaboy!” 🙂

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