Fight! Fight! Fight!

Okay…not really.  But I want to be ready in case I have a donnybrook this year.  You know…preparation for the worst and all that.

Rulebook and casebook aren’t working for me for the following two questions, so I thought I’d turn to my smart friends here.


A1 and B1 go at it, and B2 (player on the court) jumps in and takes a swing.  As I heroically attempt to end the fight, coaches are beckoned onto the court, but A6, A7, and A8, bench players, come onto the court to cheer on their fighting teammates.

THE PART I KNOW:  All six of those players are tossed.  Gone.  Buh-bye.

THE PART I CAN’T FIGURE OUT:  Free throws?  If the three A bench players hadn’t run onto the floor, A would shoot two technical free throws because of the difference in the number of fouls.  But those bench players DID run onto the floor.  Once my partners and I sort out that fact, do we then shoot ZERO  free throws, since we’d count those bench players as one event (thus making the Technicals a 2-2 even split?)  Or do we count them individually?  Would we then give team B FOUR technical free throws?

SITCH B:  Exactly the same as above, except an assistant coach (or head coach…it doesn’t really matter) for B runs onto the floor.  I know he/she would also be tossed, but would it factor into the free throws?

I do know that, if we shoot Ts, the shooting team would in-bound the ball, and if we don’t, it’d be a point-of-interruption deal.  But what I can’t figure out is who shoots, and how many.

If y’all could help me, especially with a rule or casebook cite, I’d be much obliged.


About Paul Hamann
I am a basketball referee in Washington State, working mostly high school games.

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