A bizarre NBA play…


Jason Kidd asks a player to bump into him so he can spill his soda on the court.  He had no time-outs left, and this enabled him to chat a little with his players during clean-up (although I must say that I don’t see him using the time to talk to anyone).

Now, let’s suppose the official closest to him (in this case it was #29 Mark Lindsay) had heard Kidd say “hit me.”  Let’s suppose he KNEW this was an intentionally misleading farce.

What could he call?  Anything?  I’m not familiar with the NBA rulebook…anybody have any ideas?

And what if this happened in a high school game?  What could be done?

I think, if I KNEW it were intentional, an unsporting technical foul would be in order.  But it’d be awfully tough to KNOW.


The Annual How To Access Password-Protected Posts Post

Are you a ref?  Do you like reffing?  Do you like to read words that are formed into sentences?

Then this blog might be for you.

I occasionally blog about ref-related matters from the greater world: that’s fun stuff.  But mostly, this is my game journal where I jot down what happens to me as I go through my high school basketball season.

I don’t let just anyone read that, since I don’t want to go public with my warts-and-all assessment of my work.  But you?  You can read it if:

1.  You are an actual real-life friend of mine.
2.  You are a ref who emails me your name and where you ref. (bloggingref…at…and then gmail).

Just click on the “How to access…” tab above–it will direct you to the email at which to contact me (which is bloggingref, then the at sign, then gmail, then a period punctuation mark, then com.)  Then I’ll send you the password.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Protected: Game log 11/26/13: Scrimmage

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A quick note on Roy Ellison

I’ve wanted to cuss at people.  Never players (I do work with high school kids, after all), but certainly coaches and fans.  I’ve been cussed at.  I’ve been berated.  I’ve been threatened.  And I have never, ever cussed at anyone, and only once in 15 years have I said something I regret.

That said, it is difficult to maintain that control, so while I believe that the one-game suspension was warranted if Ellison said what Williams claims he said, I still feel for Ellison and wish him well.  I’m hoping the shitstorm dies down and he can get back to work without incident.

And I’m reminding myself to hold onto my emotions.

Protected: Game Log 11/12/13: Getting back at it

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Game Log 10/27/13: Day Camp

Spend $20 to have a DI College official look at me.  The games, I think, went fine.  The criticism was thorough and on the money.  I need to:

–get out on the floor as lead
–stop friggin’ calling out of my area
–work angles more definitively as trail
–have a less spastic count (more gradual moves, no opening-and-closing of hand)

I will make it a point to do these this year.  That is all.

The Summer in Officiating

Pretty quiet, actually.  I went bonkers about Game 3 of the World Series ending on an obstruction call.  I was bothered by Red Sox fans stating that Jim Joyce and Dana DeMuth should have not called obstruction even if it were the correct call because that somehow “takes the game out of the players hands.”  That is, of course, a ridiculous argument.  It was ridiculous when it was made in our state basketball tournament last spring and it was ridiculous during the World Series.  I don’t even have to write about it because Joe Posnanski did, and he covered that ground fabulously.  But it wasn’t open season on the umpires.  Joe Buck and Tim McCarver got the rule right (even if they mistakenly called in “interference” at first) and didn’t attack.  On the radio, Dan Shulman and Orel Hershiser were even better.

So there wasn’t much to write about–my radio silence wasn’t solely based on my laziness.

But now I’ve got a big reffing year ahead, and I’m back.  I hope you’ll join me.