A bizarre NBA play…


Jason Kidd asks a player to bump into him so he can spill his soda on the court.  He had no time-outs left, and this enabled him to chat a little with his players during clean-up (although I must say that I don’t see him using the time to talk to anyone).

Now, let’s suppose the official closest to him (in this case it was #29 Mark Lindsay) had heard Kidd say “hit me.”  Let’s suppose he KNEW this was an intentionally misleading farce.

What could he call?  Anything?  I’m not familiar with the NBA rulebook…anybody have any ideas?

And what if this happened in a high school game?  What could be done?

I think, if I KNEW it were intentional, an unsporting technical foul would be in order.  But it’d be awfully tough to KNOW.

About Paul Hamann
I am a basketball referee in Washington State, working mostly high school games.

One Response to A bizarre NBA play…

  1. jwrosenzweig says:

    I am no referee, but to me, the scope of the technical foul rule easily encompasses this in Rule 12: “Section V–Conduct a. An official may assess a technical foul, without prior warning, at any time. A technical foul(s) may be assessed to any player on the court or anyone seated on the bench for conduct which, in the opinion of an official, is detrimental to the game. A technical foul cannot be assessed for physical contact when the ball is alive.” If I, as referee, heard a coach ask his player to hit him, with the consequence of essentially a free late game timeout, I don’t think I need to wring my hands too much — to me that’s obviously conduct detrimental to the game. Now, if I don’t hear the coach, and it’s just a player “accidentally” running into Kidd and spilling his drink, I see that it’s a lot tougher. But if I see or hear the coach signal the player immediately before the “accident”, I pull the trigger without a second thought. That’s my two cents, anyhow. 🙂

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