Camp log day 1: 7/5/14

I had two games at camp today.  The quality of basketball was every bit as good as I remembered (I will never forget encountering Tara VanDerveer at a game a few years ago, and Pat Summit and Geno Auriemma have also visited in the past).  And the games I had went with no real negatives.  Here’s what I remember, and here’s what the clinicians gave me.

The first game wasn’t a close one: a thirty-point victory.  In the first half, winning coach didn’t like a call I had that was on his girl.  “This is supposed to be NCAA Division I level stuff…you can’t call something like that.”  My reply was “She ran up and displaced her, coach.”  If he’d pursued it, I’d have told him that displacement was an NCAA point of emphasis.  Other than that, no issues.  Felt good to feel up to a game that good.

Clinician was very helpful as well. She wanted me to do more college mechanics.  “I know you’re a high school official,” she said, “but operating outside your comfort zone will help you with your leadership.”  Fair enough.  She also wanted to talk to me about physicality, and I’ll happily do that with her: rather than discussing my running, she wants to discuss my standing still, indicating that I look intense and twitchy when at “rest.”  I think it might be easier to work on standing still than on changing my running style, so I’m on that.

Second game felt good too.  No issues with players or coaches.  Clinician was another matter.

He intensely (but not rudely) upbraided our crew for calling in each other’s area.  I remember one or two instances where I did, but didn’t see it as a big problem.  Interestingly, he said the game itself was called well, but as a crew, we were not together and didn’t trust each other.  I didn’t feel that it was a matter of trust: I think I tend to get too intense and don’t let enough time pass.  But I have a video of that game on a memory stick right now and will watch some of the game before I go to bed to see if there are other patterns to where I reach and poach.   This is something to look into, especially should it be repeated (but it is my plan to have it NOT be repeated).

So, for the whole day:

THINGS I DID WELL:  Call selection, coach management
THINGS TO WORK ON:  Reaching/poaching, physicality when still, college mechanics

Next up:  Classes in the morning, two games in the afternoon tomorrow.


About Paul Hamann
I am a basketball referee in Washington State, working mostly high school games.

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