Controversy in Ohio state final

Cleveland Catholic vs. Defiance.  And this happens.

ESPN is calling this a “debatable technical foul call.”

No effing way is this debatable.  It is the right call.  I’m not even prepared to call it a GREAT call because it’s so flipping obvious.  Pause the video at the :03 mark.  The guy is pulling himself up. His shoes are even with the bottom of the backboard. There does not appear to be anyone beneath him.

This. Is. A. Technical. Foul.  It is such a technical foul that it could be the video exemplar for the hanging-on-the-rim technical foul.

ESPN is calling it “debatable.”  What’s the debate?  Let’s go to the comments (never a good idea!) and see.

The most popular comment?  Wait for it…wait for it…

“The refs shouldn’t inject themselves in the game at that point”


“How can you call that in the final minute?”

Excrement.  Complete excrement.

Remember, all.  Please remember.  By NOT calling an OBVIOUS rule infraction late in the game–any game–an official IS injecting himself in there. This is not a borderline call.  This is a blatant foul.  NOT calling the foul is an official inserting himself/herself into a game.

To be sure, it does take pretty massive stones to make this call.  Dude had them.  Dude stayed calm–wasn’t showing the kid up.  He was just enforcing the rule.  We don’t stop enforcing the rules late in the state final.  We stay on them.

And that’s what I find encapsulated perfectly here.  Everyone arguing this call should not have been made either has to argue that it was a bad call (in which case they’re saying swinging your feet all the way up to backboard level is not unsportsmanlike, or that the player was afraid of landing on a player about four feet behind him). But more likely, they’re arguing “Hey, it’s okay to get the call right in the second quarter of a non-conference game, but in the last minute of a close state final, by God, I want my refs to get it WRONG.”

That approach is unconscionable.  I won’t allow it.

Thankfully, a quick Google search is NOT revealing the official’s name.  But Mr. Referee, if you happen upon these words, I would work ANY game with you.  I aspire to your courage and your convictions.  Well done.


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