Protected: Game Log 11/29/16: Not a good start

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Public Service Announcement

Be a rules guy.
Be a rules guy.

Yes, we can talk about common sense and about game management.  That all matters…absolutely it does.  But when the game is on the line and there’s a rules situation, we have to get it right.  We HAVE to.

I am sick with sympathy for these guys, who must be beside themselves with guilt.

And I thank the judge for not overturning the result. My heart is with the Fenwick HS team, but games should not be decided in courtrooms.  That’s not a slope we need to go down.

Gonna hit that rulebook.  Join me, okay?

Half a season, coming right up…

The leaves have fallen off of the trees, I’m off for a week to dramatically overeat…what does that mean?

Basketball season is upon us!  And it’s time to ref, bay-bee.

This year will be a bit unusual, in that I’m only going to be doing about half a year: my wife will have afternoon and evening commitments for the entire 2017 calendar year, and I will therefore be watching my children instead of reffing other people’s children.  That said, I am remaining active in the association (will go to meetings, will answer the many Rules Guy questions thrown my way, may try to watch a game or two with my kiddoes).  But it’s only half a season.

I will try to maintain my goals of being a good crew chief, not getting beat so often (I flat-out need to run faster all the time), and not calling across the key as lead.  But I will do so for about 12-15 games instead of my usual 40-50.

And you’ll be here for all the action!  (Feel free to fire me off an email at the above address if you want to read the password-protected game logs.)