O Captain My Captain

I have some issues with captains.

It’s been clear to me for some time that I have trouble remembering who the captains are.  It’s a matter of memorizing a series of numbers, and I just don’t do that well. In varsity games, I then try to say “captain…” to the captain as he/she runs by me for a fist bump in pregame introductions, but I never remember all two or three of the captains who run by.

So I am trying to focus on remembering one.

Some crew chiefs (including, sometimes, me) ask for a “speaking captain.”  I’ve never much liked that, since I will talk to any player who talks to me politely.  But I may revert to that because it will give me one person to seek out and only one number to memorize.  Do I tell the players “Hey, this is the person I’ll be looking for–you may have to seek me out otherwise”? Or do I just keep it secret in my head?

This could have come in handy the other night: a non-captain had been T’d up late in the game, and was in danger of saying something stupid to me (she wasn’t upset, just saying things). This would have been an ideal time to say to the captain “Hey, captain–can you get this kid away from me and keep her out of trouble?”  But to do that, I need to remember the captains.

Maybe I start doing that tomorrow.

About Paul Hamann
I am a basketball referee in Washington State, working mostly high school games.

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