My Achilles Heel

So this is the year that I am going to be far more thoughtful about taking care of my body through the year.

Starting last season, I started noticing my feet and ankles were hurting the morning after games. I’d gimpily trudge to the shower, and typically it was gone by the time I made breakfast. This morning was a little different. The pain was more intense: a little sore. But more alarming, the pain localized around my Achilles tendons.

I visited the athletic trainer at the school where I worked. He gave me another layer of padding for the back of my shoe, and I spent today icing my ankles while I taught. It went just fine. But I am going to have to be very deliberate about icing and stretching. And now I am making myself commit to it here.


About Paul Hamann
I am a basketball referee in Washington State, working mostly high school games.

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