Welcome to Illegal Screen

Hello, friends, and good to have you here!  This is Illegal Screen, one of very few blogs dedicated to officiating.

For years, I operated an anonymous blog over on blogger.  The blog served three basic purposes:

First, it provided me with a place to put my officiating game logs/journals.  A good official (for that matter, a good anything) is reflective about performance, and it just felt natural for me to write about how I’d been doing in games.  It also provided me with a place to keep track of my improvement, as well as those nagging areas that ever-seem to need improvement.

Second, it provided me with a place to write down when things went wacky–fun stories that needed to be out there.

Third, it provided me with a place to talk about referee-related news.  A ref or an ump in the spotlight?  I’d opine.

While readership spiked when #3 happened, and while I enjoyed writing about big stuff going on in the world of officiating, the majority of the blog is about my games and my performance.  It has always been good for me to get performances–good and not-so-good–into words.  I don’t have thoughts without having them aloud, so I’d often figure out the keys to ticklish situations (ones I handled well and ones I could have done better with) just by writing about them.  Feedback from others certainly has helped me out as well.

However, the old blog was anonymous.  That, I felt, was a prudent move.  Let’s suppose I have a game with a big, close call late.  I could blog it one of two ways:  Either “Man, I’m not so sure about that one,” which I don’t want participants in the game to read, or “Man, I really nailed it!”, which I also don’t want participants in the game to read.

In any event, there’s no anonymity on the web anymore–at least not on any worthwhile sites.  So I figured it was time for my blog to adapt to the changing nature of the internet and end the anonymity.

I’ll still avoid using school names or other identifying characteristics, but WordPress offers me a priceless feature:  I can make some posts password protected and some posts public.  So, my ever-wise opinions about refereeing matters of import will remain visible to the world.  However, my game logs, which I’d rather keep to friends and other refs, will be password-protected.

If you’d like the password, please read here for directions.


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