How to get access to password-protected posts

So you’d like to read my game logs?  See what the grind is like from the perspective of an official?  Read my self-evaluations?

I’d like to have you…probably.

While I welcome examination by–and feedback from–just about anyone, I don’t necessarily want my warts-and-all analysis of my work available to everybody (certainly not coaches, players, and insane parents).

So my game logs–and a select few other posts–are password protected here.

The password will be given to people fitting one of the following criteria:

–ANY OFFICIAL.  If you’re a ref and you want to learn and teach here, you’re in.

–ANY ACTUAL REAL-LIFE FRIEND OF MINE.  I know some buddies of mine have said they enjoy reading my game logs.  That’s cool.  Friends and family are in.

–Anyone who feels like they have another compelling reason to read my game logs, and who sends me an email convincing me of that reason.

Email me at firstnamelastname (Paulhamann, that’d be), then the at sign, then gmail dot com.  Be sure to include:

–your first and last name (if I’m going to lay my butt on the line here, so are you…at least to me, although I suppose I can put up with aliases in the comments)
–where you officiate (if applicable)
–why else you want access to the game logs (for everyone else).

I’m honored that you want to read the posts, and I look forward to hearing from you.


One Response to How to get access to password-protected posts

  1. Scott Bolin says:

    I ref high school in kentucky. I’d like to follow your work. Thanks!

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