NY Times article about NBA D-League ref…and it’s kind!

I’ve been trying to look more athletic out on the floor.  The hardest part is the running, I think…my feet somehow don’t hit the ground the same as other people’s, and I don’t quite know how to fix that. But I look better.

Still, no matter how much I work  out, I’ll never make myself 6’8″ and 270 pounds.  If I did, maybe I’d be on the Kevin Cutler track.

Here’s a New York Times article about Cutler.  If it’s positive and about officiating, I like it.


My weakness in a nutshell

I just watched the video of my Tuesday game.  They were able to get the first half in before the battery died, but the first half was sufficient.  I’m happy with a number of things.

Three things I noticed:

1.  One coach did a dismissive arm wave (aka the “throwing like a girl” motion) after someone talked to him about one of my calls he/she didn’t like (a call I 100% know was correct, a call that I was 8 feet away from and he/she was 80 feet away from).  None of us saw it, as we were officiating a basketball game at the time.  If I had, I’d have shown him the palm.   Not a fan of the crowd-inciting gestures, especially ones based on no knowledge.  Other than that, coaches behaved, which I can live with.

2.  I missed a shove on a shot.  There had just been a rotation, and I slipped from T down to C…just in time to straightline myself on the shot.  Not positive what I could have done differently there, to be honest.  L was screened, and I had a 100% closed look.  With quicker feet, maybe I take a step out on the shot…maybe.

3. Mostly, I was focused on physicality, since that was my #1 priority all summer long.  And I think I’ve made some progress.  I look better…posture is not too bad.  But I still run “wrong.”  Something is screwy about the way my feet hit the ground when I jog (it’s not as bad when I’m in a full-out sprint, but that happens so rarely in 3-person that it’s not a great advantage).  And I’m still a little loosey-goosey on my mechanics.

To demonstrate, we need only look at the first 30 seconds of the game.  I start as U2 on the left of your screen.  While I don’t quite look like an athlete, I don’t look as, um, weird as I used to.  But when I call the carry (about 15 seconds in), I’m going too quickly, and it doesn’t look anything like crisp.  It’s loosey-goosey and a little spastic.  (And a little blurry…it’s better if you don’t full-screen it.)

I looked a little better than this on my foul calls, but this can still be significantly better.

So, I give myself credit for looking better.  And I called a good game that day.  I’d like to improve running style, but  that would necessitate a personal trainer membership at a higher level…one we can’t come close to affording.  So I’ll have to live with that.  What I CAN improve, though, is this:

I can slow down and focus on being deliberate EVERY TIME I toot my whistle.  That’ll make a big difference.

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